About us

We are a local registered charity that provides a free weekly audio memory stick with local news and a magazine for the blind and partially sighted who live in Redbridge and Waltham Forest and those who have moved away and want to keep in touch. We are independent of any commercial, religious or public bodies.

Picture showing some microphones and headphones

Each edition runs for about ninety minutes and is divided into two parts, local news and magazine. The first part contains local news from the local newspapers and the second part consists of letters from the local papers, magazine type features and other items such as Lighting Up Times and the Chemist Rota.

A master memory stick with the week’s edition on it is produced on a Thursday evening by the production and engineering team. On Friday morning the copying team make approximately 80 copies of the edition and put them into reusable pouches ready for collection by the Royal Mail for delivery to our listeners.